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Könyv címe: Airfix Model World 2018 - 11.
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 - 10.
Formátum: PDF (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 124
(Issue 96)


Published monthly, Airfix Model World magazine is your complete guide to the world of
scale modelling, making it essential reading for modellers with all levels of experience.
Focusing on model aircraft, Airfix Model World also features cars, ships, sci-fi and space,
armour and figures. With latest news, reviews, handy step-by-step tips. Plus the chance to ?
Ask the Experts? to
improve your modelling skills.


06 News
The latest happenings in the world of
plastic modelling, including Eduard?s
latest 1/48 P-39 combo and IBG?s
gorgeous 1/35 Tankietka TKS.
10 Show Scene
Check out our handy at-a-glance
model show calendar.
98 Free Gift!
Subscribe to Airfix Model World
and claim your free 1/72 Tomahawk
Mk.IIB model kit or five-piece
diamond file set.
122 Archive
features a historic event from 1959,
involving an RAF Sycamore HR.14.
12 Advanced Build ? Wings of a Dove
Wingnut Wings? stunning 1/32 Jeannin Stahltaube monoplane gets a definitive
?thumbs up? from Steve Budd.
22 Out and About ? Boscombe Delights
Malcolm V Lowe savours the modelling and historical atmosphere at a busy
Old Sarum Model Show.
24 In Focus ? Two-seat Trailblazer
Supplementing this month?s exclusive build, Malcolm V Lowe describes the
development and operational service of the Luftwaffe?s Me 262B-1a trainer/
night fighter.
30 Exclusive Build ? Fly-by-Night Stormbird
Airfix?s lovely 1/72 Me 262 has been re-released as the two-seat variant; this
new offering receives an out-of-the-box build from Alan Price.
36 Advanced Build ?
Mother of Invention
John Paulding pays tribute to US transportation companies in Vietnam with
his extensive conversion of Italeri?s 1/35 M925 into a Vietnam War gun truck.
44 Out and About ?
Amicable Bucks
Editor Stu Fone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at the Chiltern Model Show.
46 In Focus ?
Bear Hunters
Former RAF navigator Dave Gledhill explains how British Phantom FGR.2s
were operated in the Air Defence role.
50 Exclusive Build ?
Phantom Mud Mover
Andy Davies added aftermarket accessories and decals to Airfix's new 1/72
Phantom FGR.2 and quips it with a night-attack stores configuration.
58 In Focus ?
Flying ?Can-openers?
The occasionally humorous lid on RAF Phantom ground-attack operations
and training is lifted by ex-6 Squadron pilot Chris Bolton.
62 Cutaway ?
Phantom FG.1/FGR.2
The ins-and-outs of British Phantoms are laid bare in Mike Badrock?s incredible
annotated illustration.
64 In Focus ?
Nocturnal Pioneer
a radar-equipped night fighter.
68 Exclusive Build ?
Tantalising Twin
Airfix?s newly tooled 1/48 Blenheim Mk.If offers a plethora of detail, as Chris
Jones discovers in this exclusive build.
76 Intermediate Build ?
Skywalker?s Speeder
The Force is strong with Ian Grainger as he shows how to recreate realistic
worn surfaces on Revell/s 1/14 Landspeeder.
84 Intermediate Build ?
Cold War Icon
Richard Spreckley finds much inspiration in Eduard?s 1/48 Harrier GR.7/9,
which offers a host of extras to accompany the basic kit.
92 Basic Build ?
Cartoon ?Trabie?
Occasionally, ideas for a model come from the most unusual places, as Jamie
Haggo discovered with Revell?s 1/24 Trabant.

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