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Előadó: The Stanley Clarke Band
Album címe: The Message
Megjelenés éve: 2018

01. And Ya Know We're Missing You
02. After The Cosmic Rain - Dance Of The Planetary Prince
03. The Rugged Truth
04. Combat Continuum
05. The Message
06. Lost In A World
07. Alternative Facts
08. Bach Cello Suite 1 (Prelude)
09. The Legend Of The Abbas And The Sacred Talisman
10. Enzo's Theme
11. To Be Alive

Stanley Clarke - bass
Cameron Graves - synthesizers
Beka Gochiashvili - acoustic piano
Mike Mitchell - drums

45 years after his album debut, four-time Grammy Award-winning bassist Stanley Clarke shows he is still unapproachable on both the electric and acoustic, wielding a vision of fusion and funk, breakbeats and bass-interpreted cello suites with a little help from friends like rapper/beatboxer Doug E. Fresh and trumpeter Mark Isham.
Backed by a young versatile band and a collection of tunes written in the midst of a tumultuous tour of Europe, 'The Message' swells with an abundance of strength, soul and astounding musicianship.
'The Message' is unmistakably a Stanley Clarke record. Five decades of unapproachable bass mastery doesn't come easy and Clarke has no interest in relinquishing his throne. Propelled by the youthfulness of his bandmates, Clarke reaches even deeper into his bag of tricks for an incredibly satisfying listen.
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